Affiliated Schools

[Fukuoka]Japan University of Economics Fukuoka Campus

Faculty of  Business Administration

Department of Business Administration / Department of Global Business / Department of Creative Talents and Producing Practice

Faculty of Economics

Department of Economics / Department of Commerce /  Department of Health and Sports Management

3-11-25 Gojo, Dazaifu-shi, Fukuoka-ken 818-0197
TEL: 092-922-5131(rep)

Educational contents for the needs of the times and the individual

Implementing the latest education with 18 unique courses with systematical curriculum in Economics

The curriculum consists of a range of related basic knowledge in language skill for the global information society, information processing skills and cross-cultural understanding as well as learning expertise in Economics.

Career formation program (small group) prepares for SD seminars (Self Development) in the first year, basic seminar in the second year and a specialized seminar in the third and fourth year in series. 18 specialized courses including environment, sightseeing, sports and entertainment beginning from the second year systematically support the respective student until he/she graduates (gets employed).

We also introduce the internship (career experience) program and our original studying-abroad program of "ROSE (The Research of Original School of Economics)" to develop the global perspective, that increases student's motivations.