School philosophy

Every person is granted his/her own personality unique to humans by nature. Personality means characteristic strength, beauty, talent and so on, which is referred to as a "primary characteristic feature".

As proverbs say, "The child is father of the man" and "genius displays itself even in childhood", personality often denotes innate characteristic, qualities and natural talent by the stage of elementary and secondary education. In the stage of higher education, however, "personality" is described further as "expertise", and specialization in the advanced, social, and academic fields is regarded as "personality".

Based on the education to concentrate on and specialize in an expertise, we aim to achieve students' self-awareness of the social mission as an advanced professional for their lifework. Our education also assigns great value to originality and creativity that only the identity of "personality" allows.

"Life training through development of personality" is the school philosophy not only in terms of schooling and education, but also for achieving self-realization throughout one’s entire career.

Founders of Tsuzuki Education Group

Yorisuke Tsuzuki

Yorisuke Tsuzuki graduated from Kyushu Imperial University, Faculty of Law and Literature, completed graduate studies at the university and became a professor at Fukuoka University of Liberal Education and University of Teacher Education Fukuoka. He received the Dark Blue Ribbon Medal in recognition of his contribution to vocational education. Yorisuke Tsuzuki founded Educational Corporation Tsuzuki Gakuen and Tsuzuki Ikuei Gakuen, and assumed the position of president of Daiichi University of Pharmacy, Daiichi University of Economics (Japan University of Economics at present), Fukuoka Daiichi High School, Fukuoka Daiichi Commercial High School (Daiichi University of Pharmacy High School at present), Miyako Kindergarten, Daiichi Kindergarten and Murozumi Kindergarten. He was raised to the third grade of Senior Fourth Rank and honored with the Order of the Rising Sun, Gold Rays with Neck Ribbon.

Sadae Tsuzuki

Sadae Tsuzuki was appointed as the first and only female president of a public high school nationwide in the postwar period; the president of Fukuoka Prefectural Chikushi Chuo High School and Fukuoka Prefectural Nichi Fukuoka High School (Fukuoka Kourinkan High School at present). She served as the teacher for 60 years including the post of president of Educational Corporation of Tsuzuki Gakuen, Fukuoka Daiichi High School and Fukuoka Daiichi Commercial High School (Daiichi University of Pharmacy High School at present). She received the Third Orders of the Precious Crown in April, 1974, and was raised to Junior Fourth Rank with the honor of Silver Cup in October, 1987.