Tsuzuki Education Group President
– Kimiko Tsuzuki

Since our foundation 60 years ago, Tsuzuki Educational Group has focused on the philosophy of “life training through the development of personality.”

One phrase can be seen on all of our pamphlets and throughout our campus: “Wakon Eisai,” meaning “Japanese Spirit, Talented Scholar.” This phrase has Buddhist origins and has been used in order to bring our founding philosophy into the current era. We focus on laying the foundation to understand the strengths, virtues, and characteristics that each individual, region, or country possesses. Because of this conviction to the establishment of the individual, we have had a strong identity and presence since we stepped onto the global stage. We have been able to use this conviction to help understand the world around us.

“Wakon Kansai” (“Japanese Spirit, Chinese Scholar”), the phrase from which “Wakon Eisai” is derived from, came about from a document left behind by Sugawara no Michizane. Michizane had strong ties to both Fukuoka and Dazaifu, the area where the original school was founded. At the time, the phrase was used to describe the nature of the region from which it was born. During the Meiji Restoration, the word was adapted into the new government as “Wakon Yousai” (“Japanese Spirit, Western Scholar”) in order to encourage the acceptance of Western Civilization. A modern interpretation of “Wakon Eisai” is “In order to comprehend and utilize aspects from outside Japan, one must maintain a Japanese Spirit.” This message is delivered to Japanese natives who wish to spread their wings and venture out into the global world.

In order to be successful in our global society, English is indispensable. However, it is important that one truly and deeply understands Japan before tackling English as a method for global communication. It is important to study the classical literature and history that were done away with after the war in order to understand how Japan came unto its current role in the world.

I believe that the Japanese characteristics that have been cultivated over the years are not being passed on to the new generation and that Japan’s unique values and presence are slowly disappearing. Since the true beauty and strength of Japan is not being learned, there are even those who may feel that Japan is insignificant compared to Western nations.

“In this vast world, there are types of wisdom, virtues, morals, and many other qualities that are completely unique to Japan. Now is the time to believe in this unique civilization we call Japan and make contributions to the world!”

I would like to remind the younger generation of Japan’s unique value and ask that they become successful by having confidence and pride.

Continuing into the future, Japan must adapt to business, tourism, and immigration in order to see this splendid transition through to the end. In order to play an active role in this ever expanding world, first one much completely understand Japan. Once this is achieved, establishing one’s individuality and acquiring a sense of ethics can be done. Lastly, as a tool for gaining various knowledge, English ability can be acquired.

Please do not spare anything in cultivating your life, and please never forget this way of “Wakon Eisai.”

Educational Institution Tsuzuki Academy Chairman
– Asuka Tsuzuki

As the Tsuzuki Educational Group celebrates our 60th anniversary, we look back on our history and become resolute for the future.

As we started in 1956, during a time of rapid economic growth, there was a uniform focus the quick and efficient acquisition of basic academic knowledge in Japan. Our founder was displeased with these circumstances and decided to create his own school focused on the development of individual talents and traits. Our founder believed that each individual has their own professional ability and in order to instill the confidence to go out in the world in youth, he focused his education program on building concrete, occupational skills in his students.

However, in order to keep up with the rapidly changing world, education that focused on the future as well as specialized skills were needed to instill confidence in his students. As the world continued to change, developing day-to-day English ability coupled with a deep understanding of the Japanese identity became even more important. No matter the knowledge one possesses, if they do not have their own sense of beliefs and values they will not be able to participate in complex discussion.

What is important now, is that students learn on their own, improving their English abilities and gaining confidence in themselves as Japanese students. I believe that creating an education system that fosters these goals is the mission that was left to me by my grandparents, the founders of this school. What we are now focused on advancing at the Japan University of Economics is the idea of creating opportunities for students to learn actively. In order for our students to increase their own individuality, we strive to provide them with many opportunities to meet professionals and business people, hoping that our school can become a platform for these meetings and realizations. The Japan University of Economics has always had many exchange students, holding students from over 20 different countries, making it an extremely global environment where students can meet a variety of different people.

Furthermore, at the Shibuya campus, we have an incubation program called “Hatchery Shibuya” at the Entrepreneur Training Center. From this program, many innovative companies have bloomed. We have 17 years of innovative accomplishments and are currently planning on creating collaborations with Japanese startups and students with the goal of venturing overseas. Students will be able to see firsthand how innovative ideas will spark and challenge the world. They will also be able to witness a company’s growth right in front of their eyes. By offering this once in a lifetime opportunity, we hope to stir something deep within our students, motivating them for the future.

By making use of the strengths that can only be taken advantage of at a single program college, we are able to have students connect with major corporations in order to see them carve out a path to their desired career. Having students hear from actual employees can be leave a drastic impression on them and shape their goals for the future. Continuing in 2017, we will have executives from a variety of different industries come into contact with students for our “experience training.”

Japan is currently the developed country where low birthrate and an aging population is advancing the fastest in the world. Foreign exchange students are expected to carry on part of this mantle as the workforce for the future. We hope that when foreign students return to their homeland that they will strive to create a connection with their country and Japan. We have created a strong network of Japanese and foreign alumni throughout the years and hope to continue to do so in the future. We have constructed a network so strong that we are able to connect with any of our past students all over the world with just one e-mail.

As we aim for our 100 year anniversary, we will continue to foster our students to be the frontline in this ever changing global world. As we, the Tsuzuki Educational Group, strive for the future, we hold great anticipation for our students, stemming from our founding spirit.

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